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Vimoximex Group JSC – VIXI .J.S.C is a company specializing in importing perfumes and high-class and luxurious products made in Europe (France & Italy), official and exclusive distribution in Vietnam. The founders of Vimoximex Group want to introduce to consumers European brands and products carefully selected and rigorous by the quality and reputation of the brand as well as the manufacturer. The founders of Vimoximex Group Joint Stock Company are the Beusse Bui family (France – Vietnam) who cooperated to create the first exclusive distributor of European perfumes in Vietnam.

Our desire is to provide high quality perfumes that have long fragrance levels. Today, there are many international branded products on the Vietnamese market. However, it is very difficult to distinguish between counterfeit and pirated goods. Come to us, customers are assured of the quality of official imported goods distributed exclusively in Vietnam by the quality management agencies licensed products and circulated documents. The European party certifies the manufacturer and the brand to which we are the exclusive representative has been consularly legalized. All of the brands we provide are part of a collaboration with European manufacturers and Vimoximex Group – VIXI Group JSC.

Before signing with manufacturers, we were very interested in the quality of their products and brands in the world market to know that they are reputable in the field of Perfume. On the other hand, they have a lot of experienced experts who use their nose to purify the different fragrances, they are the ones who specialize in finding scents to refine the scent. , classy and sophisticated. Customers will surely be satisfied when spraying on themselves MADE IN FRANCE perfume, and assured of quality as well as safety for skin and health when used. Anyone who has used our perfume is very pleased with the fragrance. We hope to soon expand the chain of European-style imported perfumes in Vietnam, bringing perfumes quality and reputation to all customers.

On the other hand, we are constantly looking for more partners on European luxury goods to import to Vietnam.

Our motto is: “Quality, Affirmation, Friendly and Ensuring Vietnamese Consumer Health”

Currently, all fragrances are available at, V

VIXI Parfums Rares Store : 39C Đường Thành, Phường Cửa Đông, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Thành phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam.

Sincerely thank our customers for trusting and supporting our company’s high-level perfumes in the past. We hope that you will always use prestigious, quality and friendly products for human health!

Vimoximex Group – VIXI Group

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