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Bui Thi Hoan female leaders - CHAIRWOMAN Corporation Vimoximex Group: "I care about the customer experience as it is a perfect day dynamics of Vimoximex Group"

Saturday January 18th, 2020 10:46 AM

Perfume is not just a scent you like, it is also a story about who you are. Amidst the many eye-catching bottles, among the thousands of outstanding colors, the heart should only vibrate with a true fragrance. But that has never been so easy. It is a long journey of non-stop searching with the desire to bring Vietnamese people the most delicate and suitable French perfume bottles of female leader Bui Thi Hoan.

Before coming to her current job, Ms. Bui Hoan has spent a long time living in magnificent France with her small family, her love for her homeland and the respect for traditional cultural values that motivated her to do business. Vietnamese handicrafts right on the land are considered to be her second home. Behind those efforts, she always has the support and support of loved ones, especially the national husband. President of France. We love each other, ready to go to any land together to live and work. Because to them, love is big enough, attention, understanding will overcome all cultural and space barriers to increasingly cohesion, perfect and build a good life.

While in France, Bui Hoan met a lot of different fragrances, learned more and then fell in love with pure perfume bottles. Passion big enough and aspiring to bring Vietnam the best quality products, she and her husband founded Vimoximex Group Joint Stock Company – specializing in distributing perfume lines imported from France. She was fortunate to know and work directly with French perfumer Said Boudjada, who has 30 years of experience in appraising and refining fragrances for brands around the world. He later established his own brand, EMMANUELLE JANE PARIS, which Vimoximex Group has been selected as the exclusive distributor in Vietnam. In the process of selling and distributing, many customers want to have more rare and premium perfume bottles to create a fragrance that is different from industrial fragrances. Therefore, Vimoximex has explored and contacted European manufacturers because they hoped to bring many high-class brands to Vietnam. In addition, the sincerity is large enough after 1 year of work and regular contact has helped Vimoximex be selected as the sole and sole distributor of Nobile 1942 perfume brand from Italy in Vietnam.

Ngoài niềm đam mê với nước hoa, chị Bùi Thị Hoan còn đặc biệt yêu thích những chiếc túi và ví da của các thương hiệu Pháp, đặc biệt là thương hiệu Le Tanneur 1898. Khác với các túi da khác, các sản phẩm của Le Tanneur 1898 là những túi da bò nguyên mảng được thiết kế tinh tế dưới bàn tay khéo léo và khối óc tuyệt vời của các nghệ nhân hàng đầu.

Choosing good brands but the way to develop and bring those brands to consumers is an easy way: Too many paperwork to be imported; The market is filled with many fake brands of famous brands … However, with the mind and true quality of products, the fragrances distributed by Vimoximex are gradually asserting its position in the market and is a choice. Choose full confidence of customers “crockery” genuine perfume.

Wishing to bring good products to the community, especially beautiful female leaders, Ms. Bui Thi Hoan decided to become a member of the big family of WLIN Capital. In the new home, Bui Hoan hopes to have the opportunity to learn from experience, listen, share to support each other more and more perfect and develop in the future.

With the presence of the passionate and energetic woman Bui Thi Hoan, WLIN Capital will continue to make sustainable progress in 2020.

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