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Selected as the exclusive distributor of Emmanuelle Jane Perfume Paris in Vietnam

French perfume
Made in France

Vimoximex Group Joint Stock Company would like to introduce our French partner, the perfumer Emmanuelle Jane – Eau de Parfum – Made in France, Paris. feel above the roof of Paris, like a warm breeze on the flower market in Milan, like the elegance of an enchanting garden in the darkness of the colorful roofs of Dubai.

Mr. Said Boudjada is the founder, spiritual father and fragrance designer of Jane’s EMMANUELLE perfume collection. He has worked for more than 30 years in perfumes and cosmetics and has strong skills working with some of the world’s most famous perfumers with passion and a wealth of market knowledge. With consumer expectations, he decided to launch a high-end perfume brand with high quality of his own creation: Emmanuelle Jane.

He combines Eastern fragrance culture with the lightness of the Mediterranean and ‚« savoir vivre ». All fragrances have up to 15% perfume essence, and a high percentage of natural essences. We present the collection of high quality Eau de Parfum made in France.All of EMMANUELLE aerosols are unique:

The soft glass of the Prestige Collection flatten the hand and the lid is of high quality.

The jars of the Royale Collection borrow their honeycomb structure from the insignia of stately royal houses.

Diamond Collections are designed as exquisite diamonds.

Each fragrance is a symbol: A feeling, a gesture, a moment of meeting. Each person has his own way: he is the President of Parfums Emmanuelle Jane, so he knows that the art of making perfume in France is between heritage and tradition, so he renewed the purest tradition of The art of making French fragrances in the classical style that is sophisticated, gentle and luxurious through the imprinted collections with the know-how of the Great Nose and an exquisite design. Vimoximex Group Joint Stock Company , introducing all fragrances of Emmanuelle Jane brand in Vietnam.

All EMMANUELLE JANE-flacons are unique: The soft glass of the Collection Prestige flatters the hand, the high-quality cap refines the bottle. The flasks of the Collection Royale borrow their honeycomb structure from the coat of arms of stately royal houses.Every fragrance is a symbol: A feeling, a gesture, a moment of encounter. Each in his own way unique.Exclusively with the Vimoximex group, all Emmanuelle Jane perfumes are now available in Vietnam.Discover all Emmanuelle Jane perfumes on the VIXI Parfums website and at the VIXI Parfums store in Hanoi.

VIXI Parfums Store: No. 2 – 76/4 Pho Vinh Hung, Vinh Hung Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Emmanuelle Jane, Salon International Beauty World, Dubai 2019

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