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Nobile 1942 fragrances are handmade in Italy, they are luxury fragrances belonging to niche perfumes.



Selected as the exclusive distributor of NOBILE 1942 Italian Niche Perfume in Vietnam.

Handmade in Italy

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Nobile 1942: OUR STORY

It all started with Umberto Nobile, Massimo’s grandfather, a name that has always been of great importance in the world of luxury perfume. From the early 1930s, he represented the perfume of Nina Ricci and in 1942, at the height of World War II, he decided to open a perfume shop in Rome for his wife. It became a family tradition: Massimo’s father, Benito, did the same with his wife in Naples and Massimo’s brother, who fell in love with a Tuscan woman, opened a perfume shop for his wife. he. Moved by the love of the beautiful things and the passion passed down from father to son, Massimo did something more.

Everything started with an idea that Massimo had in his mind and in his heart for many years, an idea that grew stronger and expanded over time: you can try to hide it, but one The idea to follow his flow Passionate about the perfume world, he rejoined the family and decades of experience in the big house Chanel.

In 2004, during the acquisition of Acqua di Parma of LVMH, he decided to create with his wife Stefania a brand representing Toto Italian Elegance in the world. We never followed the trend: for example in 2011, when the Western perfume world lost the first place of sandalwood, Nobile 1942 launched La Danza delle Libellule, a perfume. At Vanilla, has become our best seller all over the world. It is important to keep our sober elegance, lasting in time, to meet our customers’ expectations.

The first perfume was Pontevecchio, created in 2004 and published in 2005, and marked the entry of Noble 1942 into the new millennium.

The products are not only "sold" but also "alive ...

Nobile 1942 has a trade organization that can support, through a rigorous selection channel, both product distribution and national exclusive distribution of valuable foreign products, personally chosen by Stefania and Massimo Nobile, in meetings, usually. Search and update trips.

We are one of the few craft manufacturing companies, our products are made at home with our care and dedication.

In addition to typical Italian ingredients like Sicilian lemon and Florentine iris, we buy raw materials that we know they offer the best. We are always looking for exclusive craftsmen, materials and processes. Therefore, we use the silk of Lorsica, the Florentine leather, the glass of Altare, Filigrana de Campo Ligure … Every Italian excellence attracts our attention.