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Nabil Hayari is a French designer and based in Paris, wedding dresses, evening dresses, jewelry and perfumes.
The wedding dresses he makes are a mix of fashion and elegance classic allowing every woman to experience sea its identity.
Private and entirely tailor-made collections,the creations of Hayari Couture Paris are a an ode to feminine beauty.
From a very young age, Nabil Hayari has eyes only for fashion. Very quickly, his parcourse will take him to the prestigious school Fashion Sup in which he will finish major of his promotion and where his talents will pass not unnoticed for House School Syndicate of Parisian Haute Couture. Very talented, Nabil quickly becomes director design of a Triangle fashion housewhere he will stay for 5 years.
Young and ambitious, Nabil decides to create his own brand in 2009 with the aim of giving life in the dresses that women always have dreamed of having.
The eponymous brand Hayari Paris was born, witness to Parisian luxury and know-how in sewing, perfumery and costume jewelry.
Nabil Hayari offers to guide and advise the women he wears at each stage of the creation process, in its showroom, 3 avenue Matignon in Paris where its dresses are made to measure in the purest French tradition.
He presents his first collections at Fashion Moscow week the same year, then in Los Angeles, New York and the Middle East.

In addition to that, Nabil Hayari creates jewelry fantasy, leather goods but also perfumes for women, men and mixed too varied, that exquisite. These niche scents, made
in France are designed in Grasse to guarantee the higher quality.
This is the universe of women and men that he imagines and that fills his thirst for discovery green and new experiences. After expanding around the world, 2014 marks the opening of a first store box in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, environment dedicated to Hayari Paris perfumes, jewelry and fashion accessories.



Selected as the exclusive distributor of Hayari Paris in Vietnam.

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