LE TANNEUR: JUSTINE Handbags Straw TJUS1200J05

Seamless bag mounted on rivets, special brand Le Tanneur. This small model with handheld slices can be carried, or worn diagonally across the shoulder with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Material: Whole grain cow leather with 2 layers of cow leather lining

Inner compartment: Middle compartment, 1 flat back compartment. Adjustable shoulder strap

In 1900, our seamless wallet was awarded at the Paris Global Exhibition. That was the beginning for the Le Tanneur and Justine brands that were worthy to inherit. This iconic, ingenious, contemporary, lineage is in the atmosphere of time to continue the shine of Le Tanneur.

Size: R 21.00 x D 6.50 x C 17.00 cm

Color: Straw / Straw color

Code: TJUS1200J05

Brand: Le Tanneur (France)

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