LE TANNEUR: Brifcase LOUIS Blue night TLUI4100B01

The briefcase has three interior compartments and a T-lock, the signature of Le Tenneur brand. It was designed for noble achievement and dignity but flexibly adapts to the style of this pair. Briefcase

Material: Whole cow leather

Woven lining 2 layers

Silver metal finishing accessories

Internal compartment: 3 flat compartments and 1 locked drawer. 1 flat front and rear compartments.

On the outside, shown with particularly delicate and elegant lines on this leather briefcase, the handle and the T-lock blend both the know-how and modernity of the Le Tanneur brand. Inside, an ingenious installation of German craftsmen, very practical and genuine, especially for the class.

Size: R 36.00 x D 6.00 x C 28.00 cm

Color: Blue / Twilight

Code: TLUI4100B01

Brand: Le Tanneur (France)

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