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Marie-Hélène Rogeon was born into a family of perfumers and her great-grandfather, Louis Panafieu, created perfumes for Emperor Napoleon III, as well as the famous Pommade des Mousquetaires, a cream used to fix and mustache care.

From an early age, she was captivated by the world of delicate fragrances, delicate bottles of wine, floral labels and silk ornaments. In the major perfume houses where she pursues her career, she is aware of the place of perfumery in her life. This experience helped her create her own brand, Les Parfums de Rosine, at a time when women seemed to have grown tired of commercial perfumes and were looking for real creations, perfumes that told stories. true story.

Marie-Hélène Rogeon’s passion for perfumes is matched only by her passion for roses. All very different, proud or timid, gentle or voluptuous; They are so rich in shapes and colors, they offer an almost endless variety of scents.

For her, the absolute essence of rose is the essence of all great perfumes.

Marie-Hélène Rogeon has developed a range of fragrances around this flower, all inspired by garden roses, surprising with their unexpected scents of lemon, ginger, violet and violet. even wine.

Marie-Hélène Rogeon’s main concern is to provide beautiful perfumes, made from top quality natural ingredients. Each note of the perfume is recognizable and its development on the skin allows you to read out the fragrance clearly. The style, character of Parfums de Rosine is made possible by the presence of the brand’s signature rose essence, its compositional know-how. In the great French perfumery tradition, the presentation of the product is given special attention. The bottle is matte but the R of Rosine is very gentle and is highlighted by a brilliant line. The cork features smooth decorative details made by hand. Each product is carefully wrapped in colored tissue paper by experienced craftsmen. Finally, the boxes are made from gold-stamped vellum cards.

Les Parfums de Rosine by Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group