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Nobile 1942, created by Massimo Nobile, is a brand synonymous with delicate Italian elegance, driven by a love for all things beautiful. The birth was fueled by a family tradition – the Nobile men’s exceptional love for their wives! It is a passion handed down from father, to son and taught by women of great conviction and style; a vocation made of sensations, seduction, and intuition; a quest for the highest quality standards. It is the birth of fragrances that evokes the freshness of genuine memories, of men, and places with a story to tell of an ancient craft and a depth of wisdom, a fragrance that moves, seduced by the beauty and by passion. The Nobile family sought inspiration in products and quality standards throughout Europe while keeping in touch with the Italian tradition of expert craftsmanship in fragrances, gold and jewelry, and leather; that world-famous Italian style that so many strive to imitate.

NOBILE 1942 Perfumeby Vimoximex Group