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Nabil Hayari is honored as a talented young designer of wedding dresses for princesses and the elite, or evening dresses for red carpet stars in Cane, Hollywood, combined with jewelry and Parisian style perfume at Vendome – Paris – France.

Each design set is dedicated to each individual’s stage or process, in his showroom at 3 Avenue Matignon in Paris, where his dresses are sewn in the purest of French traditions.

Not only succeeding in designing wedding and evening dresses, but Nabil Hayari also creates jewelry, leather handbags, and perfumes for women, men and both in exquisite diversity. It is a niche perfume line, made in France, extracted in Grasse to ensure the highest quality. Hayari wants her customers to wear their luxurious and classy dresses without having to smell their own perfume so that they can shine anytime, anywhere. Therefore, Hayari Paris Parfum was born in 2009 to complete the brand’s collection.

Inspired by women who alternate passionately, seductively or mysteriously to create fragrance collections according to their image: sophisticated, elegant and sensual.

Accompanied by Hugues Alard, the eternal lover of luxury perfumes, Nabil Hayari brings an olfactory signature to her already rich universe, a new declaration of love for women, a word of love. praised for their captivating complexity.

It is said that perfume is an element of personality, which is why the olfactory marriage that Nabil and Hugues imagines invites a woman or a man to reveal their full nature, both of them. are both powerful and vulnerable.

Floral, woody or oriental the notes give Hayari Paris inspired creations drawn from rare essences and the purest combination of tradition and perfumery know-how. France as well as its secret. Whether top notes, heart notes or base notes, these notes are all about delicate flowers, precious woods, gay at the same time sweet and seductive fruit. Lots of adjectives, in and of itself evoking irresistible charm.

Nabil Hayari transforms lavish fabrics into delicate flowers, flowers into delicate perfumes… perfume scents into contemplative things.

HAYARI PARIS Parfums by Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group