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Vimoximex Group  would like to introduce our French partner, perfumer Emmanuelle Jane – Eau de Parfum – Made in France, Paris.

The perfume of EMMANUELLE JANE smells like a sensual melody above the rooftops of Paris, like a warm breeze on the flower market in Milan, like the elegance of an enchanted garden in the shadow of Colorful rooftops of Dubai.

Sir Said Boudjada is the founder, spiritual father and perfumer of the EMMANUELLE Jane fragrance collection. He has worked for over 30 years in the perfume and cosmetics industry and has acquired strong skills working with some of the world’s most renowned perfumers.

With passion and rich knowledge of the market and consumer expectations, he decided to launch his own high-quality, high-quality perfumery brand: Emmanuelle Jane.

He combines oriental perfumery culture with Mediterranean lightness and ‚« savoir vivre ».

Know that the French art of perfumery is between heritage and tradition. Thus, he renews the purest tradition of French Perfume in a classic yet refined style, gentle yet luxurious through collections imprinted with the know-how of the Nose-Tails. great and a refined design.

emmanuelle Jane by Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group