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Bringing the niche perfumery segment to Vietnam

CONG TY CO PHAN VIMOXIMEX GROUP was established in 2018 to bring the perfumery segment to Vietnam. We want to create a high-quality niche distribution in order to bring consumers rare perfumes that cannot be found everywhere. The company is the brainchild of Mrs. BUI Thi Hoan who has lived for many years in France and who has loved perfume for over 15 years. Who, on returning to Vietnam, wanted to share his passion for perfumery by importing and distributing directly and legally high-potential brands. She was helped by her French husband, Mr. Steve BEUSSE. Together, they lead and work to create a foreign quality niche perfumery distribution network.

vimoximex group perfume exclusive distributor in Vietnam Bui Thi Hoan
Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group Perfume Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam

Our history

From passion for perfumery to importing and distributing niche perfume brands in Vietnam. We want to bring all the creativity and quality of foreign products to Vietnam so that Vietnamese consumers are fully satisfied. Perfumery is a luxury activity that is part of Western Culture and that we are happy to share.


Partner with European brands to legally import and distribute niche fragrances by providing best in class service to meet the needs of our target audience. Our strong point is direct sales to guarantee authentic perfumes.


To be known as the “Trust and Quality Company”


To build a “LUXURY LEGAL DISTRIBUTION HOUSE” through direct selling in a handpicked network of resellers so that it is sustainable in order to build customer loyalty.

Our Goals

  • Regional expansion in Vietnam
  • Strong distribution base of niche fragrance brands.
  • Having a wide choice of niche perfumes so that all our customers are happy to come back to treat themselves.
  • Build a good reputation in the retail environment and with business partners, and become a key player in the perfumery of tomorrow in Vietnam.
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