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Io sono Malia, Noi Siamo Malia

VIMOXIMEX-PERFUME-Background NOBILE 1942 Io sono Malia Noi Siamo Malia

Malia has the courage to expose herself, to think for herself at the cost of appearing “uncomfortable” in the eyes of a world that follows well-defined rules, a world ready to judge. But Malia doesn’t care. She does the same. Malia is Heaven and hell, war and inner peace, screams and silence. Malia defies convention and shows the world that first impressions can often be deceiving.

We are Malia for all the times we have had the courage to transform “saying” into “doing”, for all the times we have had to make tenderness and strength coexist. We are Malia in the name of all that is worth fighting and risking, knowing that this has a price. And then not even the threat of the stake is scary.

I am Malia, we are Malia. (Io sono Malia, noi siamo Malia)

You are Malia.

Nose: Antonio Alessandria.

Perfume code: Evening

Perfume mood: Sensuality

MALIA, Parfum, Premium Collection by NOBILE 1942, Handmade in Italy