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Ours sites and our store VIXI Parfums Rares 39C Duong Thanh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi are approved by brands for the sale of their luxury perfumes, guaranteeing the authenticity of products sold online.

Vimoximex Group is the result of passion in a French – Vietnamese family for European perfumes. Our desire is to provide European perfume brands not found everywhere. Because each person is unique, each has its own personality and personality … As a result, the perfume world does not stop at Dior or Chanel, the brands that advertise and market a lot will make brands another brand is forgotten. This is why, Vimoximex Group – VIXI Parfums Rares offers an alternative solution by highlighting the brands we partner with to provide perfumes with high quality ingredients, prime manufacturing techniques. public to create a unique and wonderful Perfume.

But why spray perfume? Is that a detail? A detail sends an important message. It tells others that you are clean, that you take care of yourself and that you take a certain position. In our society, where appearance is important, being cared for is an essential basis for being accepted and facilitating meetings and exchanges with your colleagues or partners. It is an essential sign of being polite to have a pleasant social life and showing others that you are open to discussion. For example, a high-end perfume imposes a certain respect on the people you meet. The perfume is there to show its personality as an “intangible resume” and full of charm.

The 1942 Nobile perfume is an example; These are suitable scents, scents not found everywhere, rare scents. The quality of the perfume is simply superb thanks to a family business that, for three generations, has been able to create a special Italian handmade perfume that can only be found in luxury and classy perfume shops. in Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Rome, Milan … Dubai, Tokyo, Ukraine, Canada, United States and Hanoi by Vimoximex Group.

The perfumer and perfumer Nobile 1942 is credited with building on a unique know-how, based on the selection of the first selected raw materials mainly in Italy and around the world. Especially not only pay attention to the fragrance that makes the fragrance of the perfume, but all the bottles and boxes are also carefully designed and elaborated to make the whole fragrance from the inside out, making it Becoming collections of perfumes becomes very special.

Vimoximex – VIXI Parfums Rares was honored to be selected as the sole exclusive distributor of Nobile perfume 1942 in Vietnam.

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Quà tặng nước hoa - Cadeaux Parfum - Perfume Gifts

Vimoximex Group Thong Bao Nuoc Hoa Nobile 1942

Vimoximex Group announced

Currently on the market there are some places selling “Nobile 1942 Perfume” Italy that are not distributed by Vimoximex Group, so in order to avoid buying fake and counterfeit goods, please note the following:

Before buying please call us: 0962 604 250

Or email: info@vimoximex.com

On the other hand, customers also note that our genuine imported goods always have original papers, product publication numbers, extra stamps on each product.

NOBILE 1942 Perfumes (Handmade in Italy) trusted our company to exclusively import and distribute Nobile 1942 Perfumes in Vietnam; Vimoximex Group is the only authorized distributor in Vietnam.

Add: Số 2 – 76/4 Phố Vĩnh Hưng, Phường Vĩnh Hưng, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. (VIXI GROUP JSC)

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