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Distributor of beauty products and niche perfumes

CONG TY CO PHAN VIMOXIMEX GROUP has been a pioneer of legally distributed niche fragrances in Vietnam with a portfolio of niche fragrance brands and beauty products from Europe.

Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group Perfume Exclusive Distrobutor in Vietnam

About us

CONG TY CO PHAN VIMOXIMEX GROUP is a Franco-Vietnamese company located in Hanoi specializing in the distribution of perfume brands legally in order to bring authentic products by creating the niche perfumery of tomorrow in Vietnam. We work in partnership with high potential brands that will bring a wide choice of fragrances and emotions from Europe.

In general, we distribute European beauty products in order to meet the demand of Vietnamese customers.

Founders Cong Ty co phan Vimoximex Group Perfume Exclusive Distrobutor in Vietnam

Ours Brands

We bring an exclusive and indulgent experience to our consumers through handpicked niche fragrance brands from France and Italy.

VIMOXIMEX GROUP est une société franco-vietnamienne qui est spécialisé dans la distribution Exclusive de parfums européens au Vietnam. Nous distribuons en toute légalité et officiellement des marques avec qui nous sommes le représentant au Vietnam.

L’ensemble des marques et des parfums sont disponibles à la Parfumerie Vimoximex Group à Hanoi

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