MILLE CENTUM Montecristo Deleggend Perfume

Nước hoa Châu âu chính hãng được nhập khẩu chính ngạch và độc quyền bởi Công ty cổ phần Vimoximex Group tại Việt Nam

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Mille Centum was born out of an idea, a desire for something never ending, defying the trends and boundaries of time.

As most projects and companies Mille Centum has its origin in a passion. In this case the founder’s for Montecristo, both the cigar and the legendary novel Count of Montecristo and his own name we got the name Mille Centum, which is latin means 1100 which in Roman letters spells MC: Marco Ciccateri, Montecristo, Mille Centum.

Leadding this project forward as spouses, parents and business partners our ideas were from the very beginning crystal clear. We knew exactly what kind of feelings we wanted our products to provoke into the bypasser, to the observer and finality to its bearer.

We wanted to transmit the feeling of uniqueness, the power of will to improve and to find inner nobility – the inner Count.


We started out with nothing, only the logo and the need to respect the high standard of the brand Montecriso. After more than two years we had finished products that we had poured our hearts and souls into, where we felt that every detail was as we had imagined it. Today it is with big pride we see our bottles standing on shelves of fine establishments or on photos of social medias or smelling our on the pulsing neckline of a bearer.

The world is full of luxurious things, places and more importantly moments. Our vision is to create a perfect symbiosis with all the things of a higher meaning, whatever challenge them and never let them limit us.

Our good is that Mille Centum will have a range of fragrances, both with Montecristo Deleggend and our own brand and to be present in an exclusive but numerous quantity of renowned selling points of prestige. We do not aim to be in every boutique of every city.


Montecristo is one of the world’s most renowned premium brands, bringing fine Cuban craftsmanship and undisputable quality to the world for over eight decades. The challenge was to incorporate the classic and luxurious sensation of the name Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas, we wanted to develop the alter egos of Montecriso Deleggend, with three different faces suitable for whatever mood or situation life may bring you.

Scents to be worn by a bon vivant; a confident person appreciating the mysteries of life but at the same time enjoying the small moments of every day. Scents bringing their bearers to higher feelings of luxury, of determination and firmness, allowing him and her to find their inner passion.

Our fragrances are pieces of luxury; cool, contemporary yet classic luxury. When using them it shouldn’t be random spraying but a use with a sense, a need for a small provocation letting us know the fortune of being alive, being in love, being, on our way.