VIMOXIMEX GROUP, VIXI GROUP JSC Nước Hoa Nhập Khẩu Hàng Châu Âu Chính Ngạch Và Phân Phối Độc Quyền tại Việt Nam

Vimoximex Group JSC was born from a pair of founders united in life and work, one of which is French (Steve) and the other is Vietnamese (Hoan).

Our desire is to provide quality products not found everywhere; That is why we import and distribute foreign products from Europe. Imports are made directly from manufacturers without intermediaries; In addition, we exclusively distribute brands and products legally on the territory of Vietnam.

Vimoximex Group has a commercial organization through a strict selection channel in a national exclusive distribution on the territory of Vietnam of foreign products of high value.

The brands and their products introduced were chosen by the founding director of Vimoximex Group, a family business to fully satisfy our fastidious customers.

For perfumes, cosmetics and leather goods, products distributed by Vimoximex Group are only available in stores where passion, taste and ability to express and convey the values ​​and characteristics of the products. to keep them alive.

Exclusive distributor , 100% Genuine Rare and Exceptional Luxury products